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The 2017 Domain Liquidation

For those that have followed me for a number of years, you know that every few years (or so), I offer a number of the domains I use for training events or future projects for sale. Here are 40+ domains that I’m offering this time. If you know of other domains that I hold/use and you are interested, just let me know.

  8. WPMeetup.comm
  15. / .org / .name / .info / .net

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The Gutenberg Revolution

Recently Matt Mullenweg, holder of the dual-hat WordPress Foundation founder/director and the CEO of the for-profit Automattic company, wrote a post on the reasons for Gutenberg. Matt makes many big promises that appear to miss the point of why WordPress is so valuable for freelancers, small business owners, and developers. But before we dive into a look at Matt’s post, let us talk briefly about what Gutenberg is in the context of WordPress.

What is this thing called Gutenberg?

There have been rumblings for a while regarding revamping the WordPress editor into a more modern and user-friendly environment from the tried and true TinyMCE editor. This makes perfect sense for users that are only writing long-form (or short single-focused) content. This also makes sense if we are talking about simply replacing the editor environment for the content.

But guess what, when Gutenberg was initially released (and subsequently iterated), it became apparent that Gutenberg was more than simply providing a modern writing experience but rather an entire editor screen revamp that eliminated meta boxes.

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How to Collect a Real Signature Online for Free

Earlier today, I was asked if there was a simple way to collect a signature on a policy agreement for a studio or something similar. Sure there are digital signature solutions but that would require every client/customer/student to register for a service they may only use once. Or you could pay for an expensive add-on for Adobe Acrobat to collect signatures. Plus, if you use WordPress as your site’s foundation you could use a plugin like Gravity Forms that includes a signature module for the forms.

But what if you don’t want to use any of those and are looking for something inexpensive (read FREE). The form application JotForm will do that for you and as long as you fit within the “free tier” you won’t have to pay a penny.

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Booking Benjamin is Live

Over the weekend I launched a new service/offering at I’ve been asked over and over to provide some type of one-on-one training and consulting. You can now “Book Benjamin” as a resource to you and your business.

What type of things can you Book Benjamin for?

  • Book Benjamin for one-on-one training that deals with a WordPress theme, plugin, code solution, or some other technology you are interested in learning more deeply.
  • Book Benjamin for a consulting session to process through your business ideas or to help refine your closing ability with clients.
  • Book Benjamin for an honest evaluation when choosing between two plugin solutions or what direction you should pursue with your client project.
  • Book Benjamin to help you solve a bug with a website or to find a custom solution to enhance a client’s website.

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Tools and Resources in my Daily Work Flow

Everyone has their own “work routine” that consists of how they check their email, when they respond to emails, which sites or apps they use to help stay organized, and even methods to stay motivated and focused. This is my attempt to share the tools, resources, and sites I use on a daily basis.

Productivity Focused

  • I’m a big believer in Todoist. It is my primary way to organize, catalog, and prioritize tasks and thoughts that come into play during the day. If I “think” something, I’ve learned that it MUST be written down or I will forget it. Those thoughts, planning sessions, and scheduling all go into Todoist.
  • I’m also a “list person” and have found that an outline is a great way for my brain dumps. That is where Workflowy comes to the rescue. I have been using Workflowy’s natural method of managing lists and brain dumps for many years and would be lost without this resource.
  • But sometimes I have to plan with the big picture and it helps to use a mindmap. I use MindMup to help me easily put into visual context the structure of a project or idea.

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The Story Behind The Name

I have been asked numerous times about why I named the WordPress theme framework I built for the Voce Theme. There are multiple facets surrounding this name.

The word voce means “voice” in Italian. I have always believed that everyone has a story to tell. Each individual and unique story is communicated in different ways. So when building the theme framework I wanted to enable the theme framework to be used in multiple ways:

  • Have an accessible settings panel with simple on/off switches for functionality and features…
  • … yet also create an easy to use interface to interact with some of the more advanced action hook elements of the theme…
  • … while allowing those that want to assemble their “story” using many of the quality page builder systems to let the theme framework take a backseat to the page builders while still controlling the structure and hierarchy of the site…
  • … and also empowering those that want to dig into the code and construct a unique “story” experience using one of the lightest and fastest WordPress themes available.

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Pardon the Mess

As part of several ongoing training events at, I am redoing this site. You may see things change periodically and with no warning. 🙂

Chromebook Tips

Chromebooks keep getting better and are become the perfect travel companion for any web developer. I’ve had Chromebooks all the way back to the original CR-47 that showed up at my doorstep because I filled out a survey for Google. And since that time I’ve used Chromebooks as the companion device whenever I’ve been away from my desk. But first some points of order. Chromebooks may not be for everyone and yet they may fit you perfectly. Let’s look at a few underlying “workflow” issues that contribute to Chromebooks working perfectly for me (and you can see if that works for you as well).

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