Time to shift the paradigm

How many management speak phrases have I packed into the following paragraph? Do you know people who use this as their attempt at being managerial? Too often we try to “talk the talk” to give the impression that we are more competent that we actually are capable of being at that time. If business leaders and entrepreneurs stop trying to force the latest “power words” or “buzz phrases” and get down to using REAL and descriptive language, maybe there is a chance that more innovation and opportunities will be achieved. Starting today, I’m making it a focus not to use these phrases and be more descriptive with tasks and objectives. Actually getting things done is much more valuable than being able to throw around $5 buzz words.

Before going forward we have to touch base and reach out to our key stakeholders so that we can drill down into the key issues that are not yet on our radar and catch the low-hanging fruits. We will move the needle with this positive momentum by thinking outside the box as we dive deeper while keeping our eye on the ball and running the numbers. By the end of the day I will have gone back to the drawing board and gotten the ball rolling by placing the impetus of closing the deal on my plate. This will be a complete paradigm shift that will bring our company more bang for the buck and by adding value it will be a win-win situation as we move the goal post of our ecosystem resulting in a game-changing platform. So, all hands on deck because the rubber is hitting the road now.

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