The Gutenberg Revolution

Recently Matt Mullenweg, holder of the dual-hat WordPress Foundation founder/director and the CEO of the for-profit Automattic company, wrote a post on the reasons for Gutenberg. Matt makes many big promises that appear to miss the point of why WordPress is so valuable for freelancers, small business owners, and developers. But before we dive into a look at Matt’s post, let us talk briefly about what Gutenberg is in the context of WordPress.

What is this thing called Gutenberg?

There have been rumblings for a while regarding revamping the WordPress editor into a more modern and user-friendly environment from the tried and true TinyMCE editor. This makes perfect sense for users that are only writing long-form (or short single-focused) content. This also makes sense if we are talking about simply replacing the editor environment for the content.

But guess what, when Gutenberg was initially released (and subsequently iterated), it became apparent that Gutenberg was more than simply providing a modern writing experience but rather an entire editor screen revamp that eliminated meta boxes.

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