Piano Needs a Good Home

Published September 14th 2015

A number of years ago I had the opportunity to buy my first new piano. A beautiful black upright Essex (from the Steinway family) piano that has been my friend in the dark hours of the morning and a constant companion to my wife's entrancing voice. In our effort to downsize and minimize (more on this in a future post) we are looking for a new home for our piano. Does anyone know of

Can Life Get Any Busier?

Published September 5th 2015

Stop the world I want to get off! How many times a day do we feel like there is so much going on that we just can't seem to stay on top of everything because we're constantly being pulled in a thousand different directions. It seems that no matter how many todo lists or organizational tools you use life overwhelms you. So it got me thinking... are we being hampered or blocked from actually enjoying life…

Tutorials and Training

Published March 3rd 2014

Over the years I have discovered that I love learning. I love soaking up new skills and knowledge. Part of this desire to learn and grow is also the desire to share what I learn. So over the next few months, I'll be sharing a number of different aspects of things I learn. And as a sneak preview... here are a few things we'll be discussing: Building a VPS server from scratch…

March Arrives and Time Continues to Fly

Published March 2nd 2014

The Washington DC area is under ANOTHER winter weather watch as a snow storm has barreled through the region causing cancellations and disruptions all over the place. Normally the Washington area can count on maybe 10 inches of snow over the course of the entire winter, but this year many places are already approaching 30+ inches. And while all the youth may be loving the escape from school, I'm sure when summer arrives…

Adventures in Giving Away Crypto Currencies

Published January 30th 2014

As I wrote the other day, I had won an Android tablet from DailyDoge.org in one of their recent giveaways. As a way to pass on the Doge spirit, I said that I would be giving away 75,000 Doge. So I made five 10,000Doge paper wallets and one 25,000Doge paper wallet. My goal was to see how many unusual or non-techie people I could get to take my Doge money. I…

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