Creating a Simple Bitcoin Escrow System

Published March 10th 2016

I've been digging into BIP38 ( quite a bit lately and using an old abandoned code project as a foundation to build a Trustless Bitcoin Escrow System. BIP38 is all about encrypting private keys (if you don't want to look it up). :) You can check out the system here - Right now feel free to test things out. Once I work out all the kinks I'll move the site over to an…

The Disaster that is Dell

Published February 23rd 2016

This is a recap of the disaster that has been occurring since early November with an order from Dell Computers. Currently Dell is claiming they have refunded me and no such refund has appeared FOR THE PAST MONTH. On November 13th, 2015, I decided to purchase a computer from Dell for the price of $788.70. The email confirmation came and all was great with an estimated delivery date of December 2nd. On December 1st, I…

Custom Post Type Week at iThemes

Published February 23rd 2016

This is going to be a great week at iThemes Training. We will be looking at everything a WordPress developer needs to know about how and why one should use Custom Post Types. We will be digging into the code and also looking at plugins like Pods and as well as alternative ways to create Custom Post Types.

Ongoing Projects Update

Published February 9th 2016

It can be hard to keep track of all the different projects going on in my life and so I thought I'd get back to keeping a public record of things that are happening, things that need to be done, and things that I'm specifically focused on. WordPress Projects Lots of Training going on at Reworking the core code for my Brickyard plugin (WordPress visual page builder plugin). Recode the addon section of my Voce Theme Framework. Finish the…

Server Consolidation

Published February 9th 2016

In an ongoing effort to clean up all my "tech" corners around the internet I've decided one of the best ways to do this is to consolidate many of my VPS accounts into one or two servers. And in so doing, not only should I be saving money but I should also be able to post a "How To" tutorial on setting up an Nginx/PHP/MySQL and such server.

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