March Arrives and Time Continues to Fly

The Washington DC area is under ANOTHER winter weather watch as a snow storm has barreled through the region causing cancellations and disruptions all over the place. Normally the Washington area can count on maybe 10 inches of snow over the course of the entire winter, but this year many places are already approaching 30+ inches. And while all the youth may be loving the escape from school, I’m sure when summer arrives they will be none too happy to see their school year extended to make up for all of these snow days.

With this new snow storm causing all sorts of disruptions, I realized that it has been a month since I last updated this blog. So, for the three of you who read this, you might be wondering what has been going on. In one word… TONS!

  • This Flat-File CMS continues to evolve and I’m getting more used to writing in Markdown. Hopefully, soon I can make the first open release of the code so others can start using the system.

  • I’ve been teaching a lot of training classes over on And I’m gearing up to teach the 10th WordPress Developers Course that will take place in the beginning of April. If you’ve never had the opportunity to take one of these classes, it is a 15+ hour / 5-day event that takes attendees through all aspects of developing with WordPress.

  • I’ve been teaching myself a new PHP Framework which is blazing fast. PhalconPHP is written in C and compiled with PHP which makes the code extremely fast. There is some great working being done in the PhalconPHP community.

  • I’ve returned to some of my roots in C++ to assist some development teams in coding projects during my free time. I have helped a number of dev teams build and compile code and resources for different cryptocurrency coins. This has been a blast as I have had the opportunity to get on the ground floor of some dev projects.

  • I’ve also been playing around with a new mining rig (cryptocurrency mining) that uses a custom Linux operating system that boots and runs off of an SD card to power the entire mining rig. The rig consists of 3 x 7950 Radeon GPU cards, which are excellent crypto / scrypt mining cards and pull in 2Mhash of power.

  • I will be down in Atlanta during March 12-15th for WordCamp Atlanta. I’ll be meeting with a number of my iThemes teammates but would love to talk with any of you who might be able to make it to the event.

Stay tuned for some more exciting announcements of things that are happening in life.

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