Ongoing Projects Update

It can be hard to keep track of all the different projects going on in my life and so I thought I’d get back to keeping a public record of things that are happening, things that need to be done, and things that I’m specifically focused on.

WordPress Projects

  • Lots of Training going on at
  • Reworking the core code for my Brickyard plugin (WordPress visual page builder plugin).
  • Recode the addon section of my Voce Theme Framework.
  • Finish the first version of a new Webinar Studio plugin for WordPress.
  • A WordPress CSS popover plugin is in development.
  • A replacement for one of my favorite plugins “Widget Logic”. Many users want an easier way to remember all the conditional logic tags available in WordPress so I’m building an “Easy Widget Logic” plugin.
  • Rebuild a number of my personal sites (that haven’t been touched due to life and work for a long time).
  • In the process of consolidating all my VPS servers through I’m making sure all my WordPress sites are connected to iThemes Sync protected by iThemes Security Pro and BackupBuddy Stash Live real-time backups.

Personal Projects

  • Get back into shape in order to go on a number of extended camping/hiking adventures that I have on my goal wall.
  • Keep searching for the perfect sailboat that I can fix up.
  • Continue debt elimination process.
  • Continue “stuff” elimination as I seek to continue the downsizing process so that I can achieve a life goal of “Living large while embracing small”.
  • Continue developing this Simplekit Markdown blogging framework.

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