Chromebook Tips

Chromebooks keep getting better and are become the perfect travel companion for any web developer. I’ve had Chromebooks all the way back to the original CR-47 that showed up at my doorstep because I filled out a survey for Google. And since that time I’ve used Chromebooks as the companion device whenever I’ve been away from my desk. But first some points of order. Chromebooks may not be for everyone and yet they may fit you perfectly. Let’s look at a few underlying “workflow” issues that contribute to Chromebooks working perfectly for me (and you can see if that works for you as well).

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Current Chrome Addons

I recently realized that my core set of Chrome browser add-ons that I have been using for many years has morphed and changed over the years. Yesterday, I wiped one of my laptops to reinstall a fresh operating system and during the process of re-setting up my work environment, it occurred to me that many of the addons I used to use… I no longer need or use. So this post is to hopefully help other freelance web developers find new and useful tools for your browser.

The first addon is one that has stuck around forever. Different users may prefer different options but I’m a big user of the Web Developer addon by Chris Pederick. It gives me all the tweaks and tools I need to quickly analyze and manipulate a site.

Security and encryption with some of my communication are very important and due to my transient nature of my work (floating between multiple computers and locations) I don’t really have a “desktop encryption” setup. Instead I use the Mailvelope browser addon to generate and exchange encryption keys to protect my web-based email.

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