Code Frustrations

It’s time for a confession. Yes, I teach coding, design, development, WordPress, business development and many other topics over at But there are many times I’m working in the code when I can stare for hours trying to figure out why the code is doing something it shouldn’t be doing. In fact, this picture is a perfect example of part of my day yesterday.

The frustrating code issue is happening on this site. I’m doing some new URL queries in order to figure out where on the site a visitor is at and what content/template they should be viewing. Everything works fine on EVERY part of the site EXCEPT on the homepage/frontpage. The home page of this site is returning a 404 error BUT as you can see clearly, you are actually viewing the site so it can’t be a true 404 error. If you are in Chrome you can use the Inspector to view the loading of the page in real-time. Notice how the first thing that happens on the home page returns a 404 and then it continues to load the page. But when you visit any other page/blog post you won’t see any 404 error.

So I’m stumped right now because the site works… yet the error codes say that it doesn’t work. Thus the above graphic. In case anyone has ideas I’m running this site on Nginx so there’s no .htaccess fix. I also think I’ve exhausted most of my ideas for the Nginx configuration file. So for now, the site is working, but hopefully today I’ll have some luck in trying to figure out why a working site isn’t really working when it actually is working!

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