Community Participation Reaps Rewards

DogecoinA great part about being a part of a community is that everyone benefits in the community when everyone participates. One of the reasons why Dogecoin has taken off and been so successful during these past 4+ weeks is that a strong community has been formed that supports and strengthens the crypto-currency. The Jamaican bobsled team has been sponsored by the community, people have tipped and gifted hundreds of thousands of Doge to other community members, and websites and business have sprung up overnight that support the “Doge way of life”. UPDATE: The tipping and gifting is over 1 million Doge on Reddit alone and this doesn’t include all the fundraising events that the Doge community has undertaken.

One such group is the DailyDoge that reports on the different happenings of the Doge community. They recently had a contest for members of the community and guess one, yours truly ended up winning the contest. Turns out I won an Android tablet, which is great because I love the Android system.

But guess what??? Part of the ethos of the Doge community is a giving spirit and therefore because I won this contest I am going to be giving away 75,000 Doge this week to different people online and in the real world using paper wallets. These are sample Doge Paper Wallets that I have been creating for different giveaways.

Doge Paper Wallets

Check back later in the week as I report on my Doge giveaway.

If you would like to help me give away even more Doge, you can donate to this Doge address -> DDhfeNqFSxcNVvgqnryCB34NMyL3wXAf5p

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