Can Life Get Any Busier?

Stop the world I want to get off!

How many times a day do we feel like there is so much going on that we just can’t seem to stay on top of everything because we’re constantly being pulled in a thousand different directions. It seems that no matter how many to-do lists or organizational tools you use life overwhelms you.

So it got me thinking… are we being hampered or blocked from actually enjoying life and living life how we want? How often are our decisions and things that have happened earlier in our lives (loss of employment, financial difficulties, family issues, death of close ones, just to name a few) still having a stranglehold on how we live our life today.

It is true that for many people finances dictate what a person can or can’t do. I know of people or have friends that have lives that seemingly are out of their own control because of any number of reasons that all are in the hopes of “getting ahead”.

What is “Getting Ahead”?

The term “getting ahead” may actually have a part in NOT “getting ahead”. The core of “getting ahead” actually deals with being in a better place (no matter how small of an increase in “better-ness”) each day of your life. We need to never forget that each day we live we are gaining knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. It is only when those tiny bits of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding are incorporated into our “getting ahead” mentality that we will begin to make progress.

If we approach each day as an opportunity to learn one thing, to check one item off our checklist, to get an answer to one of our questions, to try something new, and to even sit down and reassess our progress… this will be how we can get “ahead”.

What do you do to “get ahead”?

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