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Over the years I have discovered that I love learning. I love soaking up new skills and knowledge. Part of this desire to learn and grow is also the desire to share what I learn. So over the next few months, I’ll be sharing a number of different aspects of things I learn. And as a sneak preview… here are a few things we’ll be discussing:

  • Building a VPS server from scratch and why it is beneficial for you to learn.
  • Tips and Tricks of working with the command line in linux.
  • Understanding Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency and its methodology.
  • How to compile C++ projects from Github.
  • How to build a PHP-Library API to connect a web application to a C++ compiled daemon.
  • The top 5 lifesaving techniques that every person should know.
  • Working with an Nginx server instead of Apache.
  • How to work with a DNS server for your domain names.
  • How to connect your local computers (inside your home ISP) to the greater web. (Remote Access of Networks)
  • And much much more…

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