The Disaster that is Dell

This is a recap of the disaster that has been occurring since early November with an order from Dell Computers. Currently, Dell is claiming they have refunded me and no such refund has appeared FOR THE PAST MONTH.

On November 13th, 2015, I decided to purchase a computer from Dell for the price of $788.70. The email confirmation came and all was great with an estimated delivery date of December 2nd.

On December 1st, I received an email saying that the order had been delayed, and provided a new shipping date of December 9th.

On December 8th, I received an email stating that I must take action because Dell would be automatically canceling my order because they had another delay. I felt this had gone on long enough and so I let the order cancel and chose NOT to proceed to their “consent to this delay” link.

Surprise, surprise on (or before) January 17th, 2016 an order showed up on my account AND charged to my Paypal account AND shipped. I immediately called Dell and after a LONG process they admitted that their system had accidentally duplicated my canceled order and converted it into a fresh order… and they used the original “preauthorization” from Paypal to bill me.

As soon as the box arrived at my house I slapped on a return label that the Dell service reps had provided me with and sent it back. Finally, on January 26th, I received notification, through email, that Dell had received back the box.

And I waited…
and waited…
and waited.

Still no refund!

Finally I’m able to have a conversation with @DellCares on twitter who tells me that back on January 22nd they refunded my $788.70 purchase, only there is a problem. Paypal shows NO record of any funds coming to me in that amount. Paypal only shows the withdrawal of the $788.70 that Dell made taking money OUT of my account.

So now I’m stuck with Dell telling me that they refunded me… but there is ZERO record of any refund.

The worst part about this frustrating ordeal is that this ENTIRE situation was completely Dell’s fault with their system generating a duplicate order out of a canceled order.

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